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Last night...

Well last night me meg and will went to the mall and went to see miss congeniality 2. Good movie..."Will need a tampon?" OMG that was funny. I kinda forgot to call my mom to tell her we were gonna see a movie, and i acctually got home at like 12:15 in teh morning. My mom wasn't too happy about that. And i got the "I are vary dissapointed in you" speech. I'd rather be grounded than get that! It's so much worse! It makes you feel like you've let her down in a big way! I HATE THAT TALK!!!

I'm very lonely right now...Not much to do, I feel unloved!

I get to listen to my 13 year old cousins boy problems...Why can't i take my oun advise? I tell her to go out and meet lots of different guys, making sure that brandons the one, But i can't even do that myself. When a guy hurts you all you can do is mope around a few days, then get back out there and try again. Its hard to try again, But you can't focus on what you lost, You gotta look at what you'll gain. You can't look at the pain and happy times without knowing that there will be more with other guys/girls to you guys (but i doubt a guy even reads this)
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