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Below are the 9 most recent journal entries recorded in Our little crowd of people we hang with at skool's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
9:50 pm
Coffee House Night
Ok so i went to the cofee house night at school. Umm yeah I'm mad at meg and troy. The ditched me to go talk or atleast thats what i think they were doing. But yeah so i was sitting there by myself 1/2 the night (after sam and tiff left) and Yeah. These two girls came over to me and asked me if i wanted to go sit with them. I told them no thanks and that i was just sitting here reading some of my poems (cuz i was) and Yeah. They started to leave them the one turned around and said "Jamie i doubt you remember me, but I knew you in 6th grade before i moves to CA. And i just wanted to say thank you because you litterally saved my life. People were always making fun of me for being fat and simply by you being nice to me made me deside not to kill myself. Thank you"
I didn't even realize it was her, (I knew who she was once she told me her name), let alone know i 'saved her life'. I feel like such a bitch because i played such a big part in her life and i didn't even like her.
I invited her to my birthday party becasue i felt bad for her. I was nice because i felt bad for how other people treated her and wanted to make it just a little bit better for her.

Now i'm glad i was nice to her, but i never realized that just by being nice to someone that people made fun of you can change someones life, Or even save it. I always thought if i was only nice people would walk all over me and nothing good would come out of it for me. But now i know differnt. Now i know that i changed someones life, for the better. Because of me shes still here. I never thought i could/would ever play that big of a role in someones life. I always knew that one person could change someones life, But i never thought I could.
Monday, April 18th, 2005
5:02 pm
A Few Bad Days...
It's so stupid as to how people can be so cruel. You have no right to judge us! You don't tell us who you are, in the sole purpose to hurt us more. Well I'm just about done taking it. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger! And I will get through this. And I will prove that I am better then you anonymouse jackasses!

Have you ever thought something wasn't right?
Simply because of a few bad days?

Sorry things haven't felt right latly,
Feeling a little...
I dunno.

Do you guys think any dream can come true?
Because my dream for a while is to become a model,
But i was told my looks are not my stron point by the agencie.
That hurt a lot. I know it was alomst a year ago but it still hurts.
For some reason today made it hurt so much more.
I don't care if your my friend or not.
If you've seen me do you think you could respond and answer...Please?
Do you think i could make it?
In such a "need to be perfect" business?
I know I'm no where near perfect, But maybe if someone reasured me that I'm not hiduiouse(spelling?).
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
7:13 pm
I swear it was ALL Amanda's idea
Amanda has planned out my future. Before i tell you all whazt it is lemme say it's ALL AMANDA'S IDEA I will be a math teacher, I'm going to marry and rich rich lawyer, who is obbsessed with having sex (lol). Have one planned kid a little girl named Elisabeth (lisa for short), and have an "opps" kid, only that turns out to be a set of twin boys named George and Fred. We all live in a HUGE house. And thats all i remember (except some info on the sex that i don't feel like writing) It was really funny

Current Mood: tired
Friday, March 25th, 2005
5:20 pm
You guys...I'm the biggest dork EVER!
hahaha I'm 16, excited cuz my bf called me from the carribean, watching charlie brown's easter special on TV, and waiting for the eggs to be done so i can dye them...I haven't dyed easter eggs in like 5 years!

You guys...HELP I'M A DORK!

Current Mood: dorky
5:43 pm
Last night...
Well last night me meg and will went to the mall and went to see miss congeniality 2. Good movie..."Will need a tampon?" OMG that was funny. I kinda forgot to call my mom to tell her we were gonna see a movie, and i acctually got home at like 12:15 in teh morning. My mom wasn't too happy about that. And i got the "I are vary dissapointed in you" speech. I'd rather be grounded than get that! It's so much worse! It makes you feel like you've let her down in a big way! I HATE THAT TALK!!!

I'm very lonely right now...Not much to do, I feel unloved!

I get to listen to my 13 year old cousins boy problems...Why can't i take my oun advise? I tell her to go out and meet lots of different guys, making sure that brandons the one, But i can't even do that myself. When a guy hurts you all you can do is mope around a few days, then get back out there and try again. Its hard to try again, But you can't focus on what you lost, You gotta look at what you'll gain. You can't look at the pain and happy times without knowing that there will be more with other guys/girls to you guys (but i doubt a guy even reads this)

Current Mood: lonely
Sunday, March 20th, 2005
10:04 pm
It washes over you liek a shadow in the night
Nothing in the world seems real or right
Your path of destucton leads you into terror
In reality, you see your life through a mirror
backwards on this winding road, through the muck
At times we all want to give up and scream "FUCK!"
8:47 pm
we need to effin make this thing cool
anyone got any layout ideas?
Saturday, March 19th, 2005
12:19 pm
CAN'T WAIT TILL SHELLI'S PARTY TONIGHT. I don't think there will be drinking tho. But o well it'll still be loads of fun!


Talkin to SImona on the phone....

her: "omg she eliminated the only cute guy just cuz he watches porn!"
me: "omg! Who doesn't!?!?!?"
her: "yeh I could totally see her reaction right now to the loser she picked!"
me: "huh?"
her: "well her expression is like "O shit! I got rid of the cute one!"
me: "hahahaha nice one!"
her: "he kissed her!" (really loud)
me: "on the lips?"
her: "duh!"
me: "eww isn't he ugly tho?"
her: "well he is hot now cuz he's got a very nice peck, very nice abs, really cute little tiny waist."
me: "O that's kool"
her: "Yeh he's got like big shoulders and a tiny waist"
me: "thats amzing!"
her: "Yeh I'm kinda stinky right now....o wait don't put that part in ur lj!"
me: "haha now that u've said it I will! Mwwwuuuuaaaahhahahahahahaha!"
her: "omg. OMFG if he chooses her I will cry!"
me: "haha nice!"
her: "omg she is such a slut. Like I mean omg! SHe like wearing a like skimpy bathing suit....(mumbling)....omg but he's so cute now!....(more mumbling)....something something somethin...." ok well now it's down to mumbling to herself! lmao! All I hear is mumbling and then "omg" or "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" lmao!

now I read her my journal and she's like "I can't beleive that's an actual conversation of the regular things we talk about!"


Current Mood: excited
Friday, March 18th, 2005
8:18 pm
So to anyone that can help me out here...
I know how to make kool backgrounds on my lj but on the community I dunno how to!
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